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一、项目背景 Project background


The proposed Financial Street, as the financial core area of the western (Chongqing) Science City, is intended for developing core industries such as finance, science and technology service industry. With the Fengming Lake as the center, the Financial Street serves as the core function carrier and start-up demonstration model of the high-tech Zone. Relying on finance, it aims to guide the agglomeration of high-end service industries by vigorously developing "Finance +" businesses, and the transformation of business model and office scene, strengthen the financial function of the Science City, and become the highland of innovation capital, venture capital and science and technology finance. It will gather energy for Chongqing to build the western international financial center, and at the same time, make full use of the surrounding park resources, and the activated development of businesses, combined with cultural and sports resources to develop leisure and recreation functions, and create the core to attract population, and give full play of its value in ecology.

本次征集旨在面向全球公开征集具有前瞻性与创新性的设计理念和规划设计方案,推动重庆都市区发展,高标准打造“科学之城,创新高地”,彰显科学主题,整体打造“生态化、未来感、体验式”以及“高品质、高颜值、高产出”目的地型 “TBD”。

The purpose of this solicitation activity is to collect forward-looking and innovative design concepts and planning and design schemes from all over the world, promote the development of the metropolitan area of Chongqing, build Chongqing into a "city of science and highland of innovation" as well as a destination-type TBD of high standard, high quality, high appearance level and high productivity that highlights the scientific, ecological, futuristic and experiential scheme.

二、项目区位 Project location


The Financial Street project is located in Jinfeng Township at the center of the Science City, close to the High-tech Zone Management Committee, backed by the Science Park, surrounded by four major urban trunk roads including the Gaoxin, Gaolong, Xinzhou and Bailu highways, and covers a total area of 90 hectares (about 1346 mu). Phase I of the Financial Street project is located in the northwest of the project area, and covers an area of 27 hectares (about 410 mu) with a plot ratio of 1.5-2.0, and the built-up area is about 400,000-500,000 square meters.

1 金融街区位图 Location map of the Financial Street

2 金融街规划范围 Planning range of the Financial Street

三、主办单位 Organization


Sponsor: Chongqing High-tech Zone Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Organizer: T. Y. Lin (Chongqing) International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

四、设计阶段及内容 Design stage and scope of work


Scheme solicitation stage: Conceptual Planning Scheme for the Financial Street Area of the Western (Chongqing) Science City, and conceptual architectural design scheme for the first phase of the financial street project.


The successful design agency (including a consortium) is required to deepen the conceptual scheme (to an extent satisfactory to the organizer and administrative authorities involved, with the details specified in the design specification and the submittals), and provide support in the subsequent two years of consulting service, and shall not replace the chief designer and project leader.

五、申请人资格Applicant's qualification


The applicant must be an independent legal entity and meet one of the following requirements:


Applicants within the People's Republic of China shall provide supporting materials to prove that they have the professional and technical ability to conduct the architectural design such as the comprehensive Class A qualifications for engineering design or Class A qualifications for engineering design and construction industry (Construction Engineering), the commission contract of architectural design, etc.


Planning and design institutions outside the People's Republic of China shall have the practice license or business license of architectural design in accordance with the management regulations of their own country or region. If the legal entity of an architectural design enterprise have the qualifications or business license in accordance with the relevant regulations of their country or region on the management of urban planning and architectural design practice or business, they are required to provide the corresponding qualifications or their business license certificate; if it is in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country or region on the management of urban planning and architectural design practice or business, the architectural design enterprise is not required If the legal entity has the qualifications or business license, and only the architect needs to have the qualifications or license, they are required to provide the architect's own registration or practice certificate or membership certification materials, and the design institution shall explain the management regulations of architectural design practice or business in their country or region. The qualification requirements of design institutions in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall meet the qualification requirements of overseas design institutions.


The applicant shall have the planning and architectural design experience in projects similar to this project in function (the performance in designing similar projects since January 1, 2010 shall be provided).


Registration of individuals or groups of individuals is not accepted.


Application as a consortium is encouraged, only the number of members of the consortium shall not exceed 2, and the consortium shall meet the following requirements:


If the consortium consists of domestic design institutions, it shall meet the requirement of Item 1; if the consortium consist of both domestic and foreign design institutions (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), the domestic institutions shall meet at least one of the qualification requirements in Item 1, and the overseas institutions (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) shall meet the requirement in Item 2.


Members of the consortium shall jointly sign a consortium agreement, and specify the division of responsibilities, workload and proportion of rights and interests of each design agency. The organizer will sign a contract with the design agency (including the consortium) whose scheme is selected.


The purpose of forming a consortium is to meet the project requirements the for cooperation in the related fields including architecture, planning, transportation and landscaping. Excellent architectural design companies at home and abroad, independent design firms and large design institutes are encouraged to sign up for participation in the activity.


Each member of the project consortium shall not apply for prequalification in its own name, nor shall it join other project consortia to apply for prequalification at the same time.

(三)设计团队要求 Design team requirements


The applicant shall specify the project leader, chief designer and team members in the name list, and the project leader and chief engineer's performance in similar projects will be used as an important reference for evaluation.


Designers participating in this activity shall be the registered staff members of the design agency. The main designer shall be an architect who has performed a number of similar projects, and has participated directly in the whole design process.


The leader of the project (not the same as the chief designer) shall have the qualifications of a Class A registered Architect in China. If the applicant is a consortium, the project leader must be an employee of the leading member.


The team shall include professionals in architecture, planning, landscaping and transportation. The construction team shall include without limitation to professionals in structure, HVAC, water supply and drainage, mechanical and electrical systems, cost, civil air defense, BIM and other fields.


In the design process, the chief designer does not match the information submitted at the time of prequalification or is replaced without the approval of the organizer, the application will be deemed invalid.

六、征集内容 Scope of solicitation


The solicitation activity is divided into two stages: 1) prequalification stage, and 2) design and evaluation stage.


The first stage is the prequalification stage. Upon receiving the application documents submitted by the applicants, the organizer selects the best applicants by expert evaluation, and five design agencies (including consortia) will be shortlisted to move on to the scheme design and evaluation stage of the project.


The second stage is the design and evaluation stage. The shortlisted design agencies are required to conduct conceptual planning and phase I scheme design according to the design specification for "the conceptual planning and phase I scheme for western (Chongqing) Science City Financial Street Area". After evaluation, the expert committee will rank the shortlisted applicants, select the top three winners, report the scheme evaluation results to the administrative authorities, and confirm the final ranking of the three winners.

七、时间安排及资格预审申请资料提交 Time schedule and submission of prequalification documents

(一)时间安排 Time schedule























Conceptual planning and design of the scheme for phase I of the Financial Street area in Western (Chongqing) Science City





Stage 1:


Issuing the notice on application for prequalification for scheme design

January 5, 2021


Deadline for prequalification application

January 15, 2021


Holding the prequalification meeting and release of prequalification results

January 20, 2021


Stage 2:

Conceptual design and review

Holding the scheme design kick-off meeting, conducting site survey and issuing the design task certificate

January 22, 2021


Deadline for submitting the resultant design scheme

March 12, 2021


Scheme review meeting

March 15, 2021


Deciding on the winning scheme

March 19, 2021


(二)资格预审申请文件的编制 Preparation of the prequalification application document


The applicant shall prepare the prequalification application document as required as follows and bind them into a book in the following order:


Written application for prequalification (in the applicant's own format);


Documents proving the applicant to be an independent legal entity;


The applicant's qualification certificate or related design license;


An overview of the applicant;


Documents proving the applicant's design performance (provide the design performance of up to 5 most representative projects of the same type, and if the number of projects exceeds 5, only the top 5 will be reviewed);


Introduction of the main members of the design team for the project;


Documents proving the ability of the members of the design team for this project, including but not limited to the registration certificate, awards received and design performance;


Provide the design performance of up to 5 most representative projects of the same type. If the number of the projects exceeds 5, only the first 5 will be reviewed. The project information shall include the project name, location, scale (in planning, built-up area), content of design, main designers, completion time (indicate “in progress” if the project is not yet completed), project photographs (of project plans and design drawings or field images) and other relevant supporting information (e.g., key pages of contract, letter of acceptance, etc.).


If the performance information is verified to be fake, the organizer has the right to disqualify the applicant.


Consortium agreement (if the applicant is a consortium, in the applicant's own format);


Other information that the applicant considers necessary to submit;


The applicant shall issue a letter of commitment for the authenticity of the information provided (in the applicant's own format).


Note: If the application is made by a consortium, its members shall provide the above information according to the division of work specified in the Consortium Agreement. If the above supporting documents are not in Chinese, a Chinese translation shall be provided along with them.

(三)资格预审申请资料提交 Submission of the application document for prequalification.


The deadline for submitting the prequalification application document is 17:00 on January 15, 2021. The applicant shall submit the printed version (including 1 original copy and 7 duplicate copies) and electronic version (2 CD-ROMs with the same content). The paper version of the application document shall be bound into a book of A4 size with a seal stamped on the cover and contents page and an inter-page seal stamped between the pages. The cover page shall read " Application Document for Prequalification of Conceptual Planning and Design of the Scheme for Phase I of the Financial Street Area in Western (Chongqing) Science City" The place of submission is T. Y. Lin (Chongqing) International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (14F, Building 8, Internet Industrial Park Phase II, Yubei District, Chongqing, contact person: Ms. Wang, Tel: 023-63087891). The deadline for receiving the prequalification application document by mail is 17:00 on January 15, 2021 (subject to the time of arrival). The application document will not be accepted by the organizer if it arrives later than the deadline or is not delivered to the designated place.

八、补偿费用 Compensation


The compensation for this solicitation activity is made in accordance with the "Guidelines for urban and rural planning and design fees in Chongqing Municipality" and the market research as follows: the first-prize winner will receive a compensation of RMB 3,000,000 yuan (including tax), the second-prize winner RMB 2,000,000 (including tax), the third-prize winner RMB 1,600,000 yuan (including tax), and the fourth- and fifth-prize winners RMB 600,000 yuan (including tax).

九、其他说明 Other instructions


All the documents for this solicitation activity shall be prepared bilingually in Chinese and English. Where the two version contradicts in meaning, the Chinese version shall prevail.


This activity is scheduled by the organizer according to Beijing time. The organizer may change the time schedule and the form of meeting according to the current pandemic control situation and inform the applicant of any change in a timely manner.


The chief designer and main design personnel of the design agency who have received the formal letter of invitation must attend in person the communication and reporting during field survey, scheme review and major meetings at the scheme deepening stage. The design agency is requested to make preparations in advance according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements in its region.


All the design agencies signing up to participate in the architectural design solicitation activity are deemed to have agreed and accepted all the content and conditions of the rules and documents and their supplement (amendment) and clarification.


All the valid design schemes received in this activity will not be returned. The sponsor/organizer shall have the copyright to the design scheme submitted by the applicant, while the applicant shall have the right of signature to the design scheme submitted thereby.


All the expenses incurred for participating in this activity shall be borne by the applicants themselves.


The solicitation activity will be considered unsuccessful if the number of applicants is less than four, and another activity will be conducted by the organizer.

(八)活动解释权:因对本次活动规则的有不同理解,本次活动的主办单位和组织单位共同享有解释权。Right of interpretation: As the rules for this activity may be understood differently, the sponsor and organizer of the event shall jointly have the right of interpretation.

十、联系方式 Contact information


联 系 人:李女士


电  话:023-68071580


Sponsor: Chongqing High-tech Zone Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Ms. Li

Address: Room 302, Building 3-1, No. 60, Kecheng Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Tel: 023-68071580

Email: 522654910@qq.com



联 系 人:王女士


电  话:023-63087891


Organizer: T. Y. Lin International (Chongqing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Ms. Wang

Address: 14F, Building 8, Internet Industrial Park Phase II, Yubei District, Chongqing

Tel: 023-63087891

Email: wangsizhu@tylin.com.cn


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